Creative Ways to Remember Pills and Vitamins

Creative Ways to Remember Your Daily Medicine

Do you live in today’s modern world? Trying to juggle work, family and friends. Forgetting to pay a bill is no big problem. Forgetting to take medication can be fatal. What’s more, as you get older you will probably need to take more medicines.

It’s a truth – staying on top of the prescription medications can be an overwhelming. Be that as it may, there are genuine, workable strategies to help you to recall.

Most senior believe it’s no issue when we miss a pill, however this couldn’t possibly be more off-base. Seniors suffer from Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s). This is a normal condition that is not to be confused with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

All prescriptions drugs have what is called a half-life. A “half-life”is the time it takes for your body to metabolism 50%of the active ingredient in the pill. When you take your pharmaceutical all the time, your body achieves what is known as “unfaltering state”. This means that the in equal the out. The active ingredient stays at a constant level from intake and excretion (digestion system and discharge).

It normally takes six half-lives for a medication to achieve its consistent state. Basically, this is one motivation behind why it is so imperative to take your medicines routinely as you have been told to by your health care professional.

Regularly, medicate “bad reactions” may happen incidentally when the medication, trying to achieve its enduring state is interpreted. In the event that you miss a couple measurements you will be starting from scratch. It is obvious why this method of take and forget will not only not be helpful, but may even be harmful.

Tips to help you Help Remember.

1. Know why you are Taking Them

Knowledge is power. Know what you are taking and why. If the doctor tells you “Miss 1 day of pills and you will Die”, will be treated different then, “Take two aspirins and call me in the morning” Finding out about your pills positive effects is a solid inspiration, as well. This is particularly essential for conditions that have few, assuming any, manifestations to remind you like high Blood Pressure. It is called the silent killer.

2. Smart Pill Box

A Smart Pill box is more than an old fashion pill organizer. These use Smart technology to remember the user when it’s time to take their pills. Most have some type of flashing or beeping reminder and can be found at any drug store. Pill boxes have been around for thousand of years, but Smart pill boxes are a new technology. a Smart Pill box is extremely valuable for individuals who are having problems with medical Non-compliance.

3. Smart Phone App’s

Applications to help patients recall and track their pharmaceutical can be downloaded on their Smart Phone. Many Apps can even keep a complete rundown of every one of your pills, when to take them and if they have been taken.

4. Date-book Alerts

Perhaps you lean toward not to utilize a smart phone or simply like the basic strategy of the old fashion method of a paper schedule. This is not as effective as other methods. Mark your day by day measurements on a paper schedule at home. Simply make sure to use it. Most people start of great, but falter very quickly.

5. Tie Your Medication Doses with a Daily Activity

You can tie it to every day routines. Place your pills by the tooth brush. Set them next to the coffee pot or you cell phone. If you can make the pill taking part of your daily routine, you are much less likely to forget or over-dose. Make sure you don’t put the pills in an unfriendly environment. They need in a protection from inquisitive little children, pets and compelling warmth. Most prescriptions are steady at room temperature, however under great conditions, they can lose their intensity or disintegrate.

6. Get Help from Family Members, Friends or a Caregiver

Numerous loved ones take pills, and making a group to remind each other to take their dosages can be useful. The perfect place would be living with family. If that is not possible there are many other ways that they could help. In the event that you live alone, perhaps a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) would help. This entails costs and should be evaluated if family and friends can not help enough.

7. Ask Your Pharmacist for Help

Simplifying Your Medication Regimen is the first way to improve compliance. The doctor or pharmacist can offer approaches to your pharmaceutical regimen to make life simpler. In the event that you take a medication a few times each day, your specialist might have the capacity to locate a comparative medication that doesn’t need to be taken as often or can be taken with your other pills.

Ask your specialist or drug specialist which medicines you can securely take together in the meantime to restrict numerous day by day measurements. Make sure to verify whether you can take your pills at breakfast, supper, or sleep time. These have been the times most seniors use to take their pharmaceuticals.

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